This application is designed to help you assess the risk of developing VTE in pregnancy and puerperium in a simple and quick way, as well as presenting brief and detailed recommendations based on rating and / or risk factors for developing VTE based on RCOG Guidelines.


Short description

The risk assessment model presents consecutively identified risk factors for thrombosis and each of them scores according to which extend the VTE risk increases, on a scale from 1 to 4.
The sum of the individual scores results in an overall score that classifies each patient in a high, intermediate or low risk for developing VTE. You can then see the recommendations based on the overall rating.
In addition to these recommendations based on the overall score, depending on the choices you have made during the assessment, you can also see specific recommendations for individual risk factors, if any.
In all cases you can see the recommendations on two levels: in the first level you see the general recommendation and in the second one, analytically and extensively all the relevant recommendations.
Also for every risk factor you may have access to additional information, as well as relevant references.



The application is intended for use by healthcare professionals only, so it is required before you start to enter your name, surname & email address to confirm that you are a healthcare professional and you consent to the Privacy Policy by selecting the boxes next to the statement. This step only required when you first login to the application.



In the application’s introductory page you will find 5 different tabs as you see below. From any screen or stage of the app, by tapping the you will get back to the introductory page.


By pressing the tab

you will be directed to the general recommendations page on the management of pregnant women in relation to the risk of thrombosis.

By pressing the tab

you will be directed to the detailed instructions for use of the application.

By pressing the tab


you will be directed to the page with additional information such as anti-phospholipid syndrome, tables & appendices.

By pressing the tab

you will be directed to the suggested treatment options page and dosage recommendations.

By pressing the tab

you will be directed to the online version of the risk assessment model.

The risk assessment model is in a questionnaire form with 3 categories of risk factors questions. By selecting the responses to each category of risk factors (by selecting a category from the tab at the top of the page or just by scrolling down) you end up with the final score which you can see at the bottom of the questionnaire.


When completing the questionnaire, each time you select YES you will also see the individual score based on the specific risk factor. Only the YES option is rated with a score, if you do not make any choice either YES or NO the model by default doesn’t rate a score.


The YES option for certain risk factors may open up an additional set of options to allow you to choose more detailed subcategories of this risk factor. This choice is due to the existence of specific recommendations for specific risk factors – recommendations related to dose or duration of treatment.


Especially for the “Obesity” risk factor, as the score differs according to BMI (can be 1 if BMI ≥30 or 2 if BMI ≥40) it is possible to calculate the BMI by introducing the body weight and height of the patient with the corresponding appearance of the correct individual score on a case-by-case basis.


By selecting the “MORE INFORMATION” tab located just below the risk factor you have access to further information on the particular risk factor as well as the related references.



After completing the questionnaire, you end up with the final score you can see at the bottom of the page.


By selecting the “View results” tab, you will be directed to the relevant recommendations page according to the overall score and the specific recommendations, if any, depending on specific risk factors if they are selected during the completion of the questionnaire.


Also, on the same page, you can create a patient file that you can download in PDF format.


Remarks / Support
If you have any suggestion or comment for improvement of the application, or if you need support please contact:
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